Being a Limited Partner Investor in Multifamily

Someone asked Robert Kiyosaki if real estate is a good investment.  His response was great, he said “Are you a good investor?”

There are many reasons I invest in multifamily real estate. One of the biggest reasons is because it pays me cash-flow while other people do the work. As long as I continue to choose good investments, I have freedom to do what I want with my time. Choosing good investments is the key as there are a lot of bad deals being offered in the current market by inexperienced operators.

The first limited partnership investment I did was through Cardone Capital. It was a 200+ unit deal in Ormand Beach, FL.  This deal has performed well. Matter of fact, I believe we are getting an extra distribution this month because the deal has outperformed the projected return. I have to give it to Mr. Cardone and Captain Ryan, those guys know their stuff. In addition to that, their monthly distributions show up on the same day every month ACH.  With that said, I now align with what I feel is the best operating group in the business so I am acting as a General Partner as well as a Limited Partner in these deals.  I would love to share more details on upcoming investment opportunities if you’d like to chat.

As a professional real estate investor, I feel most comfortable investing with experienced operators. I don’t like to stick all of my eggs in one basket. That goes for markets as well. I am heavily invested in FL and TX as well as KY, LA, NC, NM, and AZ . If you want to discuss more on what is my criteria when considering to invest in a property or with a new operator, please feel free to contact me at 319-883-6184.

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